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Orient Garments PLC is a Sri Lankan manufacturer and exporter of high-end apparel - with special expertise in outerwear, casual wear and sportswear. We have specialized in apparel for over 28 years, and our rich experience in manufacturing and exporting makes us one of the most reliable clothing suppliers in Sri Lanka.

As an established player in an aggressive industry, we thrive in the perfect mix of state-of-the art machinery and the skills of our people, as we strive to satisfy customers who demand the best. By forming critical alliances both at home and worldwide OGL is proud to service some of the best apparel brands in the world.

Since our beginning in 1982, we have grown into 6 modern manufacturing Facilities consisting 32 production lines. Our manufacturing process is engineered to achieve the most effective method in delivering the end product. From Critical decisions in fabric selection to building design and maximizing effeciency, the process is both streamlined and timed to perfection. Everyone in our workforce understands this well. This is why we ensure that every garment which passes through our production facility, is in line with the highest expectations of our customers.
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Since our beginnings in 1982, we have grown into 7 large modern manufacturing facilities with a total production capacity of over 450,000 units per month, and a turnover of over Rs. 3.4 billion each year.
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What's in production at OGL?
Men's, Ladies and Children's Casual Bottoms, Jackets, Coats and Sportswear, Jackets

Orient Garments is a subsidiary of the PCH Holdings PLC and has evolved as one of the company's most strategic investments.
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